The Process Of Same-Day Delivery For Letters

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Getting important letters from one destination to another in a timely manner sometimes needs more than the regular postal service can deliver. When this is the case for you, it will be necessary to find a reliable and trustworthy courier company that can get your letters to their destination in safety and security.

So, let’s take a closer look at the process of getting letters delivered to a destination in the space of a day, and how this service works.

Delivering documents in London

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, with thousands of people traveling through each day. This means that trying to get through London – especially at the busiest times – can be a challenge.

Thankfully, Xpress Messenger is a company that is used to dealing with deliveries in and around London.

We have a number of vehicles that can deal with any documents you need to be delivered. These include motorcycles, small vans, and larger vans.

There are two ways in which you can send letters through Xpress Messenger:

  • Our standard service for sameday courier guildford is designed for those businesses that want their documents to be delivered promptly, but which are also looking for a cost-effective option. This service is available on motorcycles and small vans, and ensures that your letter is delivered in a maximum of four hours.

If you wish to book this service, you will need to do so by 13:00 in order to guarantee a same-day delivery. For those documents that are not quite as time-sensitive, this is the ideal solution.

  • Our dedicated London same-day service is specially created for companies that need documents to reach their destination promptly in particularly time-sensitive circumstances. You can get your letters collected and delivered to specified addresses within the parameters promised.

This service offers emailed proof of delivery that is sent to you the moment the letter is delivered, to give you the peace of mind of knowing your delivery has been completed.

Delivery to London is only one of the options available. We can collect goods from all over the country with our same day courier service surrey and deliver them to any destination in the UK or Europe. This not only gives you a fast response time, but also a flexible delivery area, so that you can be sure your letter will be delivered at short notice anywhere in the country or across the continent.  

A 40-minute collection response time

Xpress Messenger has developed a fast response time to meet the demands of our customers. This means that we aim to collect all same-day motorcycle and small van bookings within 40 minutes of receiving your call.

Once you have selected which delivery option you need, we will begin the process of arranging for collection and onward delivery.

You are able to contact us even outside of normal working hours, which should give you even greater confidence that we can be relied upon to deliver your letter on time.

Proactive alerts

We know that sometimes, things happen to cause delays, especially when delivering in and around the London area.

This is why Xpress Messenger also has on hand experienced controllers who keep an eye on the road networks and alert drivers of any delays so that they can avoid them.

If the delay is unavoidable, then we will let you know as soon as possible so that you are kept informed of the situation.

Proof of delivery confirmation

Once your letter is on its way, you will be informed the moment it is safely delivered to its destination.

This process is automated and sends you a notification via email to save you the time of having to chase up the outcome.

It also gives you proof of delivery that you can keep as a paper trail for any sensitive documents, so that you know they have been received.

We also have a detailed proof of delivery report that can be provided upon request either daily or weekly, depending on your needs. We developed this report to provide a transparent service to our clients.

A fleet to meet your needs

Consignments are not always small, and Xpress Messenger is prepared for whatever you might need to be delivered.

Our motorbike and small vans are often used to deliver letters and documents in and around London. However, we also have larger vans and Luton vans that can deal with larger consignments.

Years of experience

Xpress Messenger has made many same-day letter deliveries, so we have years of experience that we can put towards ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of letters, every time.

Whether you need time-sensitive letters to be delivered, or our same-day service within four hours, you will receive the same high-quality service every time.

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