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Why choose us?

You might choose Xpress Messenger partly just because we are so reputable and experienced when it comes to providing same-day courier services to the business community in and around Farnham and London.

There’s also the fact that we serve so many areas across this economically bustling and thriving part of England. Whether you are looking to send goods and documents to and from such areas as Surrey, Addlestone, Guildford, Epsom, and/or Woking – to cite just some of the towns and settlements that we serve – you can count on Xpress Messenger.

In addition, we don’t just provide our services within the UK, as we can also deliver to Europe if required – again in urgent, time-critical circumstances, in the space of one day.

When you add to the above such elements as the fully insured nature of our services, the diverse range of vehicles that we use, and our quick response times, it isn’t difficult to understand why so many Farnham businesses routinely turn to us.

Xpress Messenger Sameday Courier Services Surrey

Trust us

No matter how well-prepared, vigilant, and diligent you may be as a business or individual in Farnham, there are likely to be times when you require the rapid, safe, and cost-effective delivery of goods or documents within the space of a day.

It is in such situations that you will probably greatly appreciate the services and expertise of a trusted and seasoned same-day courier company in Farnham, such as Xpress Messenger.

Farnham Couriers

Simply being based in Farnham gives our team – and you – an advantage when it comes to same-day courier deliveries; the county has excellent transport connections to the M25 and London, which is just one factor in so many businesses choosing to site themselves here in the first place.

40 minute collections

It is why, for example, we aim to collect all same-day motorcycle and small-van bookings within 40 minutes of you contacting us. And speaking of those vehicles, we ensure we have a wide range of them to call upon, encompassing not just motorcycles and small vans, but also transit vans, Luton vans and even articulated lorries.

Peace of mind

However, we also don’t believe in simply leaving things to chance! After all, when it comes to same-day delivery services, every minute counts. So, our Farnham couriers work hard to deliver a service that is finely optimised and that covers all eventualities, for your own peace of mind.

Years of experience

As you might expect given our years of experience, we know the Farnham and London areas like the backs of our hands. This, in turn, helps us to ensure the most efficient and reliable routes are taken for the short-notice delivery of those essential documents and goods.

Simultaneously, however, we have a team of controllers who are constantly keeping a close eye on the road network over the course of a day. These controllers communicate with our Farnham couriers, so that we can coordinate the quickest possible deliveries, each and every time.

How the delivery process works

When you first contact us about a same-day courier service in Farnham, we will present you with two levels of service to pick from, depending on your specific circumstances and needs.

Standard sameday service

If you choose our standard same-day service, you will benefit from the ‘sweet spot’ of a highly cost-effective courier service, and a promised maximum delivery window of four hours. You can choose this service for deliveries by motorcycle or small van, although we ask you to book by 13:00 if you wish to guarantee same-day delivery.

Direct delivery service

Alternatively, you might take advantage of our direct delivery service, if you have a consignment that is particularly time-sensitive. While this is the more expensive of our two main Farnham delivery services, it also means that your goods will be collected and delivered directly to the destination address. And once your goods do arrive at your destination, you will be sent emailed proof of delivery details, so that you can be sure of the service having been provided to the standard requested. You can request this service for deliveries by transit van, small van, or motorcycle.

Goods in transit insurance

Finally, don’t forget about the goods in transit (GIT) insurance that we provide with all our same-day courier delivery services. Your goods will be covered up to a maximum value of £15,000 as standard – although if you desire higher-value cover, we can also make this possible for you on request.

With no single set of needs being the same when it comes to same-day courier services in Farnham, we are committed to ensuring each and every customer’s specific requirements are catered for. Please don’t hesitate to request a quote from us, even outside normal business hours, so that you can benefit from the quickest, safest and most economical same-day courier solutions in Farnham.


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Farnham Courier

Xpress Messenger is a locally based same day courier company that excels in urgent, time critical UK same day courier services in Farnham. Farnham has a vibrant business community and offers good value accommodation within close proximity to clients, customers and suppliers, which are all important factors to businesses, along with easy access to town centre facilities. Xpress Messenger work with a large number of businesses in Farnham and the surrounding areas. A key factor for businesses when deciding to relocate to Farnham is its good transport links to the M25 and London. These links enable Xpress Messenger to offer efficient same day courier services to Farnham and the surrounding areas.  In addition to our UK sameday services, we also offer worldwide International deliveries.

Next time you require the services of a reliable & competent same day courier company, Xpress Messenger are here to help.

Xpress Messenger Sameday Courier Services Surrey

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