How Much Is A Same Day Delivery Service?

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Are you thinking about sending a package out? Most of the time we send out a parcel or a letter, we expect it to be received in a decent amount of time. Some may take only a few days; others may take a few weeks.

However, if you need your package or document to reach the other person as quickly as possible, you can opt for same-day delivery posting.

Now, you may be asking yourself, how much is it to send out a package for arrival on the same day? This is what you are going to find out from this article!

Delivery service quotes

The first thing that needs to be stated is that there is not a single, ‘catch-all’ price for having a package delivered to its intended recipient on the same day it was posted.

The price for any type of package will depend on its weight and height. It may also depend on where the package is being sent to. For instance, if you live in Newcastle and need the fastest same day courier service Xpress has to offer to get your package to Westminster, it will ultimately cost more than if you are already in London and need to send a package or letter to the same destination.

The best way to find out how much same-day delivery costs is by speaking to your courier about a quote. They will take the measurements of your package and what the latest time possible will be for the package to be delivered to the intended person that day.

The courier will also assess how fragile the package will be, and what steps will be needed to ensure its safety before it is delivered. The quote will be personalised to your needs, so you should make sure to let your courier know what sort of product it is. Keep in mind that you may not be able to ship a product internationally and expect it to arrive on the same day.


If you want to have your package delivered to the intended recipient on the same day, you don’t just have to do this through a van. Instead, the package can be transported through any of a broader range of vehicles, including motorcycles.

The exact type of transportation used will likely depend on the size of your package and how fast you need it to arrive at its intended destination.

For larger packages, you should expect a small van, while smaller packages and letters could be delivered on a motorcycle. Here at Xpress Messenger, we also have a controller team involved to help the courier understand what the traffic is like on the roads and what the fastest routes to the destination will be.  

Proof of delivery

When you decide on same-day delivery services, most couriers will ask the recipient to sign for the package. This will be to prove that they received it and that they got the package within the allotted time limit. In most cases, you will be automatically updated about when the package arrives. That way, if something goes wrong, you can chase it up.   

Are you seeking out a trusted provider of same-day courier and delivery services for your own document or package? If so, it couldn’t be easier to request a quote from the Xpress Messenger team.

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